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What Should I Do During a Test Drive

What Should I Do During a Test Drive?

Test Driving 101: What to Look for

Wondering what to look for during a test drive? After all, you’re about to make a massive purchase that will likely last a few years, so you’ll want to make sure you get it right. However, even if you’re looking at buying a new car, you’ll still want to ensure the vehicle handles the way you want and that everything inside meets your standard of comfort. To help, we compiled a list of the basics of what to look for when test driving a car. Also, feel free to stop by Maserati Tampa in Tampa, FL, and schedule a test drive of any vehicles that stand out to you.

I’m Behind the Wheel: What Do I Check

Even if the specs of a car seem perfect, you’ll still want a test drive to ensure the vehicle handles the way you prefer and that the systems inside keep you entertained and comfortable. So, always start by testing out the general driving dynamics to help ensure you’re in for exhilaration. Specifically, start off slow and see how your ride will handle at a city pace—then head to a highway if possible and test the acceleration and handling at high speeds—this will not only help you judge if a car meets your performance needs but can also highlight any potential issues that aren’t evident at slow speeds.

Next, find a safe space to make a U-turn—how does the steering feel? Does the wheel let you turn on demand? And is the turn radius enough for your subdivision and work parking lot? Also, on a used car, listen for any strange noises to help ensure your power steering is on point.

Lastly, test out your brakes—can your car stop on demand? After reaching a full stop, step on the gas pedal and pay attention to the shifting—can your gearbox’s responsiveness keep up with your driving style? For most of these questions, only you can provide a right or wrong answer based on your personal preferences.

What Do I Need to Test Drive a New Car?

Usually, all you’ll need is a valid driver’s license. Also, you’ll need to find a car in our inventory you’ll want to test drive—thankfully, we have a colossal selection of some of the finest Maserati vehicles this model year, from the Levante SUV to the ultra-sporty and world-class Maserati Quattroporte that’s ready to set a track pace.

Set Up Your Maserati Test Drive Today in Tampa

Ready to find the ultimate vehicle for your prestigious tastes? Visit Maserati Tampa today to schedule a Maserati test drive of your favorite vehicles. While you’re here, our team is also ready to help in any way possible, whether it’s helping you find the perfect trim or letting you know other useful features to check out during your test drive—it’s only the start of how we assist as your local Maserati dealership in Tampa

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