Top 5 Maserati Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Yours Running Like New

January 21st, 2022 by

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Top 5 Maserati Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Yours Running Like New

Keep Your Maserati Running Like New

Maserati are renowned for their unmistakable style and legendary pedigree. It’s for that reason, especially, that you want to do everything you can to keep your Maserati running like new. Miss your regular maintenance and you could be harming a component of your Maserati that could lead to long-term damage without you even knowing it.

The better you take care of your Maserati, the better it will perform now and well into the future, and that involves staying on top of a few things. Below, we’ll cover five top Maserati maintenance tips for keeping your Maserati running like new.

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1. Rotate Your Tires

The first thing you need to remember to take care of regularly is rotating your tires. Ideally, you could go in and get all four of your tires replaced in one go. Unfortunately, tires wear down unevenly. That means you need to get them rotated at least once before replacing them, as one end will typically give out before the other.

For that reason, it’s important to take your Maserati in periodically to get your tires rotated to keep wear evenly across all four tires.

2. Check Tire Pressure

We’re not done with tires yet. Checking your tire pressure is another important bit of regular Maserati maintenance as it can affect everything from how fast your tires wear down to your fuel efficiency, believe it or not.

The good news is, checking your own tire pressure is as easy as purchasing a tire pressure sensor. If you notice your tire pressure dip below the recommended 32-35 PSI, make sure to schedule a service visit ASAP to get your tires checked.

3. Use the Correct Gasoline

We often don’t give a second thought to the gas we put into our vehicle, but it can make a big difference on the long-term health of our vehicle, and that’s especially true for a performance machine like a Maserati.

The general recommendation for most Maserati is a high-octane gasoline of 91 or higher. However, every vehicle is different, so it’s important to take your Maserati to an official Maserati dealer so they can tell you what the best gasoline is to use for yours.

4. Replace Your Engine Air Filter

Replacing your engine air filter is another important bit of regular maintenance. Your engine filter catches debris that could damage your engine or at least lead to reduced fuel economy and acceleration, which could mean dire consequences if having it changed is put off.

5. Get Your Oil Changed Regularly

The last and most common item on our list is nonetheless one of the most important, as holding off on getting your old changed can lead to issues such as engine and transmission damage, some of the most costly maintenance of all.

When you get your oil changed at Maserati Tampa, we’ll make sure you get nothing but the best premium synthetic oils, and just the right blend for your Maserati model. The result? Better long-term health and performance.

Schedule Your Next Service Visit at Maserati Tampa

Whether your Maserati is brand new or has been around the block, the better you take care of it, the better it will perform now and well into the future. To maintain the long-term health of your Maserati, make sure to take each of these Maserati repair tips to heart and bring your vehicle into an official Maserati dealer you can trust for your regular maintenance.

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