Advantages of Electric Vehicles

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The Benefits of Buying an Electric Car

The Benefits of Buying an Electric Car

Find Your Next Maserati Electric Car

Advancing into the future, Maserati has launched the Maserati Ghibli hybrid and the all-electric Maserati GranTurismo. If you’re wondering about the advantages of electric vehicles, the lineup at Maserati Tampa showcases what drivers want and need. Learn more about our new lineup of hybrid cars, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and the all-electric sports car at Maserati Tampa.

Our team is eager to showcase the innovation available with each electric motor and the regenerative braking that adds more power to your daily driving experience. Contact our team today to discover the benefits of buying an electric car.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

The decision to drive a Maserati electric car is a wise one for many reasons. One of the most obvious benefits of buying an electric car include the cost savings at the pump. Driving an electric car also eliminates waste and pollution that emits into the environment typically found with petrol and diesel cars.

The advantages of electric vehicles span well beyond the environment. Electric vehicles typically require less frequent maintenance, especially since there is no need for fuel. Many electric cars and electric SUVs require less frequent brake replacements since driving this type of vehicle is not as hard on the brakes. You also benefit from driving a vehicle that is much quieter than gas-powered vehicles.

In addition to saving on maintenance costs, you also reap the benefits of tax credits in some states when buying a Maserati electric car. Add on the special offers and incentives from Maserati Tampa and the benefits of buying an electric car continue to multiply.

Additional Benefits of Buying an Electric Car

While in the past, the selection of electric vehicles was slim to none, that has changed significantly. At Maserati Tampa, we are pleased to offer a variety of plug-in hybrid and all electric sport sedans. Take the Maserati Ghibli hybrid for a spin to see the smooth handling and the high-end technology available. We are also pleased to present the Maserati GranTurismo that battles the Tesla Roadster and the GranCabriolet electric car.

Featuring the exceptional style, attention to detail and modernized interior, Maserati electric cars don’t sacrifice luxury for electric power. In fact, you can expect enhanced horsepower, performance and sustainability when discovering the advantages of electric vehicles at our luxury car dealership.

Test Drive Your Next Maserati Electric Car

Don’t put off adding sustainability to your daily drive. Instead, schedule a test drive of one of our electric vehicles at Maserati Tampa. In addition to providing you with hybrid, electric and gas-powered vehicles, we also strive to help you maintain your vehicle at our state-of-the-art service center.

As a full-service luxury car dealership, Maserati Tampa strives for customer satisfaction. That’s why we continue to expand our Maserati electric car lineup. Stop in today or schedule a test drive.

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