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Owning luxurious vehicles comes with obvious benefits. However, when owning an electric Maserati vehicle, such as the Maserati GranTurismo or Maserati Ghibli hybrid sports car, you benefit from less frequent Maserati maintenance while driving a high-end vehicle with premium performance, luxury and technology.

The team at Maserati Tampa is here to help you maintain your high-end luxury race car or sedan with exceptional Maserati electric vehicle service. Knowing how to care for your Maserati electric car is important and our certified technicians offer highly-skilled Maserati service and repairs. Contact our team today to learn more about what’s recommended with Maserati electric vehicle service or schedule Maserati maintenance online.

Recommended Maserati Electric Vehicle Service

While gas-powered vehicles require Maserati maintenance every 12,500 miles or once a year that includes oil and filter changes, the Maserati maintenance schedule for an electric vehicle or one with a hybrid powertrain is much different. The team at our Maserati dealership is here to help you learn more about what’s recommended for Maserati electric vehicle service while creating a customized maintenance schedule that keeps you well aware of what your vehicle needs long term.

Your first Maserati maintenance visit for your electric car should occur at the one-year mark or every 12,500 miles. This Maserati car repair and maintenance visit includes a full inspection of your suspension, brake pads, tie rod ends, ball joints and front and rear axle. Our certified technicians also inspect the tire pressure and wear and tear while troubleshooting any warning lights that have illuminated on your dash.

We also top off all fluids during routine Maserati maintenance repair visits and replace the windshield wipers if needed. You can count on our team to also check the charge of your battery pack and recommend preventative Maserati maintenance as needed to ensure high performance and smooth handling down the road.

Maserati Electric Vehicle Service

Maserati Car Repair and Maintenance

After the initial visit, based on your Maserati maintenance schedule, it’s often recommended that you stop in the next year. During this service visit, the technicians from Maserati Tampa will perform a much more in-depth assessment of the moving parts of your Maserati electric car.

This includes inspecting the exterior for paint or corrosion on the trunk, hood or doors while also checking the exterior lights, hazard warning lights, charging socket and brake fluid. You can also expect our technicians to inspect the panoramic sunroof, safety belts, high voltage cooling system, headlight washing system and rear axle driver. If needed, our team will replace the windshield wiper blades and rotate the tires.

What makes owning a Maserati electric car even more gratifying is that it’s rare for the battery pack to malfunction. Although it is costly to repair this component of your Maserati electric car, rest assured that our certified technicians will inspect the battery pack at each service visit to ward off any unexpected Maserati car repair and maintenance.

You’ll also notice that when compared to gas-powered vehicles, you do not have to replace the brake pads as often when driving a Maserati electric car. Electric vehicles utilize regenerative braking which sends kinetic energy from the car’s braking system to the battery for more charge. As a result, this system is much more gentle on the brakes of your Maserati electric car.

Maserati Maintenance for Gas-Powered Vehicles

Maserati Tampa clearly specializes in Maserati electric vehicle service, but we are also pleased to offer a full menu of auto repair services for gas-powered vehicles, regardless of the make or model. Our service menu includes wheel alignments, transmission repair, coolant flush service, oil changes, tire replacements and brake inspections. You can also schedule brake replacements, battery checks and check engine light service at our Maserati maintenance center.

We strive to care for all of your automotive needs. This includes offering a premium selection of new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles while operating a state-of-the-art service center and Parts Center that supplies our technicians with genuine OEM parts.

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If it’s time for Maserati electric vehicle service, contact the team at Maserati Tampa. We specialize in caring for Maserati electric cars and gas-powered vehicles with precision and care. With convenient online service scheduling and monthly service specials to help you save, why wait for Maserati maintenance?